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Award: Innovative proteomics

DeMarco lab awarded the Michael S. Bereman Award for Innovative Clinical Proteomics

Congratulations to past and present lab members whose work in developing creative clinical proteomic assays earned the lab this incredible recognition!

Dr. DeMarco presented the award lecture at the 2022 MSACL conference. The encore presentation is available on-demand from MSACL Connect:

About Michael S. Bereman

Michael Bereman passed on March 17, 2021. Following a diagnosis of ALS in 2015 he was racing against time for the next 6 years to understand the cause of sporadic ALS and identify diagnostic and prognostic markers; more time than is generally expected - likely due to an unbridled positive attitude and deep support network of family, friends and colleagues. Learn more about Michael's Story here.  Learn more about the award here.


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