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Congratulations Dr. Forgrave!

Dr. Lauren Forgrave

Congratulations to Lauren Forgrave who successfully defended her thesis "Biomarker Discovery for Frontotemporal Dementia with TDP-43 Pathology" earning her a Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine from the University of British Columbia.

Lauren's thesis aimed to uncover new and better markers of frontotemporal dementia (specifically the form with associated with the protein TDP-43) using autopsy brain tissue from individuals with frontotemporal dementia and related forms of dementia as well as individuals without dementia. In this research, she identified several new markers that may help better identify persons with frontotemporal dementia.

Frontotemporal dementia is a form of dementia, often affecting individuals under the age of 65. Frontotemporal dementia symptoms overlap with other dementias, like Alzheimer’s disease, which makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose frontotemporal dementia. A simple biofluid test (e.g., blood test) is needed; however, prior to Lauren's thesis work, we did not know what markers in human tissues or fluids might help identify this disease.

Thesis: Biomarker Discovery for Frontotemporal Dementia with TDP-43 Pathology


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