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The ATN diagnostic framework in dementia with Lewy bodies

A case report of the use of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers amyloid-ß and tau in the diagnosis of an atypical dementia syndrome .

Funnell, C, Mackenzie IRA, Feldman HH, DeMarco ML. Applying the Alzheimer disease ATN diagnostic framework in atypical dementia. Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 2020; available online ahead of print.


This case illustrates the diagnostic complexity common in patients presenting with cognitive decline in whom clinical features alone are not strongly suggestive of a specific diagnosis. We highlight the role for Alzheimer's disease biomarkers to facilitate earlier diagnosis of non-Alzheimer's neurodegenerative dementias including dementia with Lewy bodies, through the application of the AT(N) framework. Awareness of early atypical features, the characterization of neurodegeneration through imaging and application of CSF biomarkers can achieve earlier and potentially more accurate diagnosis.


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