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TMEM106B: The New Protein on the Block

For more information on the identification of a new protein involved in amyloid formation in dementia, check out our recent publication:

Homotypic fibrillization of TMEM106B across diverse neurodegenerative diseases.

Chang A, Xiang X, Wang J, Lee C, Arakhamia T, Simjanoska M, Wang C, Carlomagno T, Zhang G, Dhingra S, Thierry M, Perneel J, Heeman B, Forgrave LM, DeTure M, DeMarco ML, Cook CN, Rademakers R, Dickson D, Petrucelli L, Stowell MHB, Mackenzie IRA, Fitzpatrick AWP. Cell. 2022;185(8):1346-1355.


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